How to Find Us

Overview - address is    26 St Peter's Gate,  SK1 1HD

Following sections below 

1 - Maps and Pictures  2 - Free Bus service  3 - Other train and bus services  4 - Parking

1 - Overall Map of Stockport

Overall Map of Stockport

 Stockport is located at the bottom of a steep valley with the Merseyway Shopping centre straddling the Mersey river. The M 60 runs roughly East/West and the A6 roughly North/South, with Machester City Centre about 7 miles north.

1 - More detailed map

Zooming into location of The Space

 The famous Old Market is located on the edge of the valley on a hill and The Space is located on St Petersgate which is a busy main road just off the Market. 

1 - Small scale map

Detailed map of location of The Space Stockport

The Space is located on St Petersgate on the corner with North Place. See photos below 

1 - Outside view 

Photo of location of The Space

The Space faces the Vernon Building Society. Address is 26 St Peter's Gate,  SK1 1HD

1 - Outside view

Another photo of location of the Space

A short distance along is Weatherspoons, however it's called The Culvert's Court

1 - Street view Further along

View a bit further along St Petersgate

At the end of St Petersgate the road bears right and becomes High Stree, with Disability Stockport on the right about 100 yds further on

1 - View from the A6

Photo of juntion at the A6 to get to The Space

This view is from the main A6 with the Central Library  (red and cream brick building) and SKY offices to the left. The side turning in view is Wellington St. 

1 - View going up Wellington St

Roundabout near The Space Spockport

 At the end of Wellington St above (only about 200 yds) turn left at the roundabout into Piccadily 

1 - Along Piccadily

View coming towards The Space

Piccadily is a twisty road going slightly downhill and then you will get to St Petersgate (about 200 yds)

1 - Approaching St Petersgate

View coming into St Petersgate

This is the view entering St Petersgate on the right coming up along Piccadily. On the left is St Thomas Church. St Petersgate is in 2 parts, this is the 2nd part on which The Space is located

2 - Free Bus service

View of the free bus service

FREE Town Centre Shuttle bus service. Just hop off and on whenever you want. Connects the main railway station with lots of destinations in Stockport Town Centre. It runs every 12 minutes from 8am-6:30pm, Monday-Saturday, and 10:30-5:30pm Sundays 

2 - Metroshuttle Map

Map of the Free Bus route

The bus tops at no less than 28 stops so it could be a brilliant way of exploring Stockport town centre for free!

3 - Public Transport

View of new Bus Station at Stockport

The bus station is being renovated and sits just between the A6 and the railway arches, as you come down the A6 from Manchester and reach the botton of the valley the station is on the right hand side. The railway station is on the other side of the A6 some 300 yds further on. The famous 312 bus runs along the A6 every few minutes it seems

4 - Car Parking

Parking Sign

 Stockport is just like any Town Centre with lots of options to park but you usually have to pay or else park outside the parking zone and walk in. At the most it's about 400 yds and its downhill to the venue.The following couple websites may be useful  Parkopedia  and YourParkingSpace.  (PS we have no commercial connection with these operators or cannot vouch for them) Use the postcode SK1 1HD   Just outside the venue there are parking places but you are taking a chance... often they are occupied.  There are however loads of car parks dotted around and charges are in line with what you would expect to pay. If you have an electric car then you are in luck, there are a couple of bays more or less by the venue that you could use for free.