The Keenagers over 60's Club 

Why the "Keenagers?" 

An active social group. To be targeted at over 60's but no upper age limit and rule to be leniently applied. The idea is to catch people and maintain their mental and physical capacities. There is lots of empirical evidence that shows that there are a large number of people who would have been in active and demanding jobs or have had growing children reach a point in their lives when these things come to an end.
The children grow up and move to different areas or even the country and start their families. Others may retire early or are made redundant.

So it is easy for these people to slip into isolation at home and have nothing to keep them occupied with. So we want to have a group they can come to where each week there will be different activity to either work the mind or the body  (or both!).

How to join the Keenagers

We meet up every Thurs from 1pm to about 2.30pm. Open to everyone, especially if you are overr 60. No need to book, just call in. Cost is £2 per session to cover room costs and refreshments. If you make anything to take home just pay for materials, for example £1 for a Macrame ring tag. You don't have to be over 60 to come, but we want to reach out to the over 60's and we have found out amongst our existing members that they like having some younger people around. 

Photos of some of our activities

Session at the Keenagers every Thurs
Macrame session at The Keenagers
Copper bracelet made at the Keenagers meeting at The Space
Making a copper bracelet from old tubing, at The Space, Keenagers
Copper candleholder made at The Space, Keenagers every Thurs
Items made at the Macrame session, each one takes just one session to make, Keenagers